“The most amazing time of my life!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

My three weeks in Arusha was some of the most amazing time of my life. Staying at the volunteer hostel was a blast, the people, the hostel and the food all more than exceeded my expectations. It was great living with all of the volunteers, but one of my favourite parts was getting to meet all of the travellers from around the world who passed through the hostel either on safari or to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. The staff at the there became almost like family, they were all incredibly friendly, caring, helpful, and fun.

The volunteer work was also incredibly rewarding. Most of my time was spent building and tending to a vegetable garden or planting avocado trees at local schools. There was always plenty of work to do, but we also always had time to play with the kids when we took breaks. The progress we made in three weeks was staggering.

Downtime was spent mostly hanging out and going on adventures with the other volunteers and whatever travellers we could rope in with us. Regardless if we were going on safari, visiting the local markets, exploring the Cultural Heritage Museum, traveling to hot springs, or just relaxing and watching the Lion King at the hostel, we always had a great time. I could not recommend this experience enough. I will never forget my time in Tanzania, and I know I will be back.